Adult hydrocephaly in normal pressure

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH is a type of hydrocephalus that usually occurs in adults age 60 or older. It also can occur in younger adults, but that is less common. NPH occurs gradually over time.

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Hydrocephalus is a condition characterized by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid CSF within the open space ventricles of the brain. CSF surrounds the brain and spinal cord and flows around them. When the flow of the CSF is blocked, fluid begins to accumulate, causing the ventricles to enlarge and the pressure inside the head to increase.

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH is a condition that is caused by an abnormal build up of cerebrospinal fluid CSF in the ventricles cavities or spaces of the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear liquid that circulates around the brain and spinal cord, cushioning and protecting them from damage. When people have NPH, they have an excess of cerebrospinal fluid because their bodies cannot properly drain and absorb the fluid.

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The NINDS conducts and supports research on neurological disorders, including normal pressure hydrocephalus. Research on disorders such as normal pressure hydrocephalus focuses on increasing knowledge and understanding of the disorder, improving diagnostic techniques and neuroimaging, and finding improved treatments and preventions. Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH is an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid CSF in the brain's ventricles, or cavities. It occurs if the normal flow of CSF throughout the brain and spinal cord is blocked in some way.

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Gustavo C. Normal-pressure hydrocephalus NPH is a potentially reversible syndrome characterized by enlarged cerebral ventricles ventriculomegalycognitive impairment, gait apraxia and urinary incontinence. A critical review of the concept, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of both idiopathic and secondary NPH was conducted.

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Find Your Walk. Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH is a brain disorder in which excess cerebrospinal fluid CSF accumulates in the brain's ventricles, causing thinking and reasoning problems, difficulty walking, and loss of bladder control. Normal pressure hydrocephalus is called "normal pressure" because despite the excess fluid, CSF pressure as measured during a spinal tap is often normal.

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPHdespite its name, is an abnormal condition. It occurs in older adults when cerebrospinal fluid CSF builds up inside the brain's ventricles. The enlarged areas stretch and damage the brain, causing symptoms of mild dementia, walking difficulties, and urinary problems. NPH often goes untreated because it can resemble Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.

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Normal-pressure hydrocephalus NPHalso called communicating hydrocephalus and malresorptive hydrocephalusis a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid CSF occurs in the ventriclesand with normal or slightly elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure. As the fluid builds up, it causes the ventricles to enlarge and the pressure inside the head to increase, compressing surrounding brain tissue and leading to neurological complications. The disease presents in a classic triad of symptoms, which are urinary incontinencedementiaand gait deviations.

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH is a neurological disorder that causes dementia. NPH is relatively rare. According to the Hydrocephalus Associationan estimatedAmericans suffer from the disorder.


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