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History Literature Science Religion. In science convictions have no rights of citizenship, as one says with good reason. Only when they decide to descend to the modesty of hypothesis, of a provisional experimental point of view, of a regulative fiction, they may be granted admission and even a certain value in the realm of knowledge — though always under the restriction that they remain under police supervision, under the police of mistrust.

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The advantages of truth over untruth, reality over falsehood, appear so obvious that it seems inconceivable that anyone would even draw it into question, much less suggest the opposite - that untruth may, in fact, be preferable to the truth. But that is just what German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche did - and so perhaps the advantages of truth are not as clear-cut as we normally assume. Nietzsche's delving into the nature of truth was part of an overall program that took him on investigations into the genealogy of a variety of aspects of culture and society, with morality being among the most famous with his book On the Genealogy of Morals

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The last of Nietzsche's Untimely Meditations was published in The Gay Science was published in In between stood a long, desperate period of poor health, isolation, and creative self-definition.

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Tags atheismnietzschescience. How we, too, are still pious. Would it not be the first step in the discipline of the scientific spirit that one would not permit oneself any more convictions?

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March 28, at pm Uncategorized. Nietzsche argues that while contemporary persons see the science as a substitute or replacement or fulfillment of Christianity it is in fact a continuation of it. The scientific enterprise is one of many human commitments, all of which rest on faith in the sense of dedicating ourselves to a path without knowing if future evidence would have convinced us to never so dedicate ourselves.

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Human beings suffer. In an attempt to answer this question, humans have developed elaborate systems in the form of art, religion, morality, and philosophy. In so doing, man has found a means of making life endurable. The dominant system in the West has been Christianity, according to which this life is one of suffering, but it is nevertheless a temporary one which leads to an afterlife either of eternal salvation or damnation.


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