Pea size lump in mans breast

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Pilomatrixomas are uncommon benign skin neoplasms arising from the hair follicle matrix. They occur more commonly in children than adults. Most originate on the head, neck, or upper extremities, less commonly on the trunk or lower extremities, and very infrequently in the breast.

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Breast cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in your breast s. Men can get breast cancer, but it is more common in women. There are several types and levels of male breast cancer.

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Think pink. That's what most people do when it comes to breast cancer. Race for Life won't let you in if you're a man; even NHS leaflets around breast cancer are aimed at women. But men can also get breast cancer, as I discovered myself last year.

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Greene, my year-old son has a sore lump directly under his nipple. Could this be puberty related? This lump is tiny and hard and underneath the skin of the nipple.

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My doctor was telling me the pea-sized bump on my chest was nothing to worry about. Alarms were going off in my head, but he was insisting: This is no big deal. So I went home.

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Fred Schubert is a retired physician with both writing and teaching experience during his professional career, reaching back to Since he has been writing periodic articles on general science for his local newspaper, "The Dalles Chronicle. The male breast is composed of a mixture of tissue types, any of which may give rise to a mass or swelling.

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Source: National Cancer Institute Research, www. Breast cancer may occur in men. Men at any age may develop breast cancer, but it is usually detected found in men between 60 and 70 years of age. Lobular carcinoma in situ abnormal cells found in one of the lobes or sections of the breastwhich sometimes occurs in women, has not been seen in men.

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If you find a lump in your breast, don't panic. It is normal to feel concern, but you should keep in mind that the majority breast lumps are benign, or non-cancerous; however, if in doubt, it is important to call your doctor and to have the breast lump examined in the event of a cancerous breast lump, early detection and treatment is essential. The important thing is to know how to identify a breast lump so that you do not miss anything that could be of concern down the road.

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Male breast cancer is a rare cancer that forms in the breast tissue of men. Though breast cancer is most commonly thought of as a disease that affects women, breast cancer does occur in men. Men diagnosed with male breast cancer at an early stage have a good chance for a cure. Treatment typically involves surgery to remove the breast tissue.


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