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The inspiration for the white whale of Moby Dick, sperm whales have the largest heads, biggest brains, and make the loudest sound of any animal on Earth. Region: Arctic. Destinations: Lofoten, Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland.

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ANSA - Sassari, August 5 - Researchers from the University of Sassari and tourists on a whale-watching excursion were treated this week to a rare sighting of a white sperm whale in Caprera Canyon, near Sardinia's northeastern coast. The albino whale - whom researchers have since dubbed Moby Dick after the title character from the eponymous Herman Melville novel - was first spotted two days ago. Experts said the sighting is an exceptional event, coming nine years since the first documented sighting in the Mediterranean off Tavolara Island, a protected marine area.

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But the probable-but-unconfirmed spotting by Jenny Dean, a Queensland, Australia native, takes the cake. Let us ocean enthusiasts from the Smithsonian Ocean Portal answer your questions. What do we know about Migaloo?

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A whale-watching guide struck white gold last month when he encountered a rare, albino gray whale breaching off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico. Footage of the whalewhich tour guide and scuba instructor Manuel Gonzalez posted to Facebook in March, has drawn comparisons to Moby Dick, the white whale of literary legend described by Herman Melville in Unlike Moby, who was a gargantuan sperm whale with an appetite for New England mariner limbs, the gray whale recorded here was probably just chilling in the area for its annual mating season.

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Marine Mammals. Open Waters. Largest of the toothed whales, sperm whales are unique and easy to identify.

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It is the only living member of the genus Physeter and one of three extant species in the sperm whale familyalong with the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale of the genus Kogia. The sperm whale is a pelagic mammal with a worldwide range, and will migrate seasonally for feeding and breeding. The females cooperate to protect and nurse their young.

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American explorer and author Jeremiah N. Mocha Dick survived many skirmishes by some accounts at least with whalers before he was eventually killed. He was large and powerful, capable of wrecking small craft with his fluke.

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All rights reserved. Sperm whales' heads are filled with a mysterious substance called spermaceti. Scientists have yet to understand its function, but believe it may help the animal regulate its buoyancy.

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Sperm whales Physeter catodonor cachalots, are the largest of the toothed whaleswith males up to 19 meters 62 feet long—more than five times the length of a large elephant —and females up to 12 meters 39 feet in length. They are easily recognized by their enormous square head and narrow lower jaw. As far as we can tell, Moby Dick was the only sperm whale that delivered a unique brand of karmic justice to one-legged sea captains bent on vengeance.

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The beaming ivory fluke of a rare white sperm whale is a sight that whale watchers around the world hope to catch a glimpse of. The white sperm whale, an unexpectedly stunning genetic anomaly, may be found in any region the sperm whale inhabits. Adult male sperm whales, also known as bulls, average 52 feet in length, while females, called cows, average 36 feet in length.


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